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Konsultasi Judul Skripsi dan Tesis Jurusan Ekonomi Keuangan Syariah Online
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Meticulous, knowledgeable, and certified Proofreader with over 6+ years of experience in identifying grammatical mistakes, spelling errors or sentence formation for the articles. Expertise in verifying factual information and ensuring adherence to the template. Adept in coordinating work between teams and leading them to complete assignments on time.

Summary of Skills

  • In-depth information about the templates and editorial guidelines
  • Familiar with maintaining document format including margins, spaces and relevant images to support the content
  • Sound knowledge of article publishing, including identifying interesting topics, points to be discussed, editing and proofreading for preparing final version
  • Possess impeccable English with exceptional understanding of grammar and familiar with making markings, highlighting with colors or other tasks involved in proofreading
  • Capable of performing under tight deadlines and handling pressure situations to deliver quality work
  • Proficiency in working with MS Office, maintaining spreadsheets, and maintaining cordial relations with freelancers

Professional Career

Assistant Support for Drafting and Document Translation for SUNGARD CRM System Manual Book (2014 – 2015)
Preparing document and translation for Banking Industry.

A Guidance how to use CRM system in Banking Industry Assistant Support for Drafting and Document Translation at BESTINET.SDN BHD (2016 – 2017)
Preparing document translation for Migrant User. A Guidance how to use Human Resource System.

Drafting and Transalation for Dealer Expansion – Construction, Agriculture & Material Handling Equipment (Apr – May 2018)
World leader in backhoe loader and telescopic handler manufacturing. The research used primary and secondary data, to describe the Heavy Equipment Market, focusing in Indonesia Infrastructure and Construction Market. Setting up from SWOT Analysis, 7P Of Marketing Mix, After Sales Planning, Market Share Projection, Dealer Financial, Budgeting Capital, and Initial Investment

Assistant Support for Drafting and Document Translation SOS INTERNATIONAL (January – April 2019)
Preparing document draft and translation for Health Personell.A Guidance for Medical Staff : how to work from site / offshore.

Education History

Bachelor Degree (S.E), Finance Management (2000 – 2005)

Master Degree (M.Si), Islamic Economic and Finance (2013 – 2015)

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