Bimbingan Judul Skripsi Hubungan Internasional 1:1 dengan Dosen, Online
About Lesson

A lecturer teaching and motivating students in the field of International Relations. Focusing mainly on Security Studies (especially securitization), Peace and Conflict Studies, and more recently Global Inequality.


  • 2011-2015. S1 Ilmu Politik di Universitas Wahid Hasyim
  • 2016-2018. S2 Hubungan Internasional di University of Sydney

Research and Publications

  • Tenggelamkan!: Susi Pudjiastuti’s Securitization of IUUF in Indonesia
  • Empowerment of female return migrant initiatives in Indonesia: Lessons for India
  • Ongoing Research: Human Security in Islam: Al Baqarah: 126 and An An Nahl: 112 – 113
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